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Playlist "Reboot to Respawn"

State of EventFahrplan 2021


Let's have a retrospective of what happened in the EventFahrplan project in the last months and what is planned.

[EventFahrplan]( is the project behind a couple of apps for Android which you might already have used at Remote Chaos Experience (rC3), Chaos Communication Congress (3xC3), Chaos Communication Camp, [DiVOC](, MRMCD, FrOSCon, GPN, Datenspuren, FIfFKon, FOSDEM, FOSSGIS and other events.

In this talk you will get to know not only the details of the programming work but also all the other topics which require time and engagement to run this project such as translation, design, documentation, advertisement, outreach, communication with users.

Currently, the project is run by one person with occasional - but very welcome - contributions in the form of code reviews, translation, pull requests or just time to discuss ideas. There is essential no financial backing for the project - all work is done in personal spare time. A few people are giving money via [GitHub Sponsors]( - thank you!

After this talk and Q&A you will have solid understanding of how you can contribute to the project, shape its future or finance its development.

- Separate questions and answers session after the talk starting at 13:10: See: [Self-organized sessions, Saturday](
- Fragenpad: [Pad for questions and answer for the talk](